Social Enterprise

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About EcoZoom

EcoZoom is a social enterprise delivering transformational cooking and lighting solutions. We believe that household products should be healthy, efficient and eco-friendly for everyone, regardless of socio-economic status. A global social enterprise, our products are changing lives in 23 countries worldwide.


Global Impact

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EcoZoom is part of a major global movement to generate immediate and sustainable environmental and social change. These actions consist of developing, manufacturing and distributing cooking and solar products that literally transform lives.

EcoZoom joins a force of over 1,800 companies, organizations and academia in association with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) (formerly the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves) to influence domestic cooking and living practices in developing countries. 

Clean cookstoves, cooking units that meet a strict guideline of combustion, efficiency and limited CO2 release, reduce the consumption of fuels as well as minimize harmful fumes.

WHO and the CCA just released a powerful video starring Academy Award-winning actress and activist Julia Roberts on the valuable benefits of clean cookstoves.


Innovative Products

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Initially designed to combat the numerous challenges and hazards of domestic cooking in developing countries, the efficient and eco-friendly properties of EcoZoom clean cookstoves have made them a popular cooking unit for outdoor enthusiasts, off-grid adventurists and emergency preppers in developed countries across the globe.

Our clean cookstoves are durable, affordable and reliable. Fueled by wood, charcoal or biomass, they reduce toxic smoke by 60%, and use 70% less fuel.


Solar lighting

Our solar lighting solutions completely eliminate the need for dangerous and costly kerosene lamps. EcoZoom’s solar light components provide high quality lighting and double as a cost-free energy source to charge phones and other devices.


Global Opportunities

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Global Partners

Our Global Partners include non-profits, NGO’s, social enterprises, micro-financiers, major corporations, governments, on-line and storefront retailers, educational institutions, and philanthropists that are all seeking to create notable, transformative and sustainable impact. Our partners assist us in distributing EcoZoom’s cooking and lighting solutions in over 23 countries.

Work with us and become a part of the global market trend of eco-friendly, socially conscious products.