The World Health Organization & the Clean Cooking Alliance

EcoZoom joins a force of over 1,800 companies, organizations and academia in association with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) (formally the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves) to influence domestic cooking and living practices in developing countries. 

Clean cookstoves are cooking units that meet a strict guideline of combustion and limited CO2 release, reducing the consumption of fuels as well as minimizing harmful fumes.


Academy Award-Winning Actress & Activist Julia Roberts speaks on the value of Clean Cookstoves

Excerpt from the CCA website, Ms. Roberts states in the video, “It is difficult to believe, but the simple act of cooking is responsible for four million deaths globally each year. This is because some 3 billion people – close to half the world’s population – still rely on open fires and fuels like wood and kerosene to cook their food. Cooking this way emits toxic smoke that fills lungs, homes and communities the world over.”

 “No one’s life should be limited by how they cook. The good news is that progress on this issue is happening, and I am proud to be part of an organization leading a global movement to make clean cooking a reality for the millions of families around the world who live each day without it. The Clean Cooking Alliance is working with a network of global partners to deliver access to cleaner, more modern stoves and fuels which can save lives, protect our environment, improve livelihoods and empower women.”

Clean cooking transforms lives.