Emma, Resident Pet

Emma 2.JPG

emma’s story…

Studies have demonstrated that pets in the workplace contribute to stress reduction, as well as employee teamwork and satisfaction… and help forge social connections” said Steven Feldman, executive director of the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) Foundation.

This is definitely the case with Emma, the resident pet of EcoZoom’s Nairobi campus.

Emma, doesn’t have to wait for “bring your pet to work day,” going to the office is a daily ritual for the 1 year old.

She brings smiles, joy and a calming effect to the EcoZoom team and visitors. A friendly and well-mannered mixed Shepard breed, Emma believes the large, outdoor space is her personal playground where she chases butterflies, plays fetch and lounges under the lush green foliage.

EcoZoom CEO Oli Raison rescued Emma from the Kenya Society for the Protection & Care of Animals (KSPCA). Emma enjoys long naps, snacks and trail hikes with Oli and his friends.