What types of fuel do your stoves use?

We offer several models of stoves that can use a variety of fuels- wood, charcoal or dry biomass. This information can be found on the product page of the country website where you are directed to buy.

How much fuel does an EcoZoom stove need to cook effectively?

Not a lot of fuel is needed. Once a fire is started in the combustion chamber of our wood stove, all you need are three, one foot long sticks less than in inch in diameter to boil 5 liters of water, and another stick to simmer it for 45 minutes. The amount of fuel depends on the cooking task.

Can I use my stove indoors?

No. All of our stoves should be used outdoors. Our stoves are not UL rated, the Plancha model should be used at your own risk indoors.

Can my stove be used as a heater?

No, our stoves are not designed for heating. They were designed to be used outdoors, and because they are fully insulated- they will not transmit enough heat trough the body of the stove to warm up a room/area.

I want to buy a stove but I am not sure if you sell in my country, what do I do?

Please visit the products page and scroll to the bottom to see if your country flag is featured. If it is not, please email charles@ecozoom.co.ke, we can arrange to have your product shipped to you.

Where can I learn more about improved cookstove projects around the world?

The Clean Cooking Alliance is a great place to start. They are a private-public partnership set up with the express purpose of educating people about what improved cookstoves can do, and getting more of them out there.

Visit www.cleancookstoves.org.

Is there a warranty on the products?

This depends on what country you are buying your EcoZoom product in, and the distributor there. Please contact them directly, or write to charles@ecozoom.co.ke for more information.

Why are your solar lights not for sale in my country?

If the EcoZoom distributor in your country is not selling our solar lights, it is likely because you live in a more developed part of the world where you have access to regular electricity. Our solar lights are designed for use in countries where people do not have access to electricity. If you are still keen to buy, please contact your country distributor directly or write to charles@ecozoom.co.ke for further information.

I am interested in becoming a distributor, what should I do?

Please visit the become a distributor section of our site, or contact our Global Sales Manager Charles Kariuki directly at charles@ecozoom.co.ke.

For any other questions, please email our Global Communications Manager, Micha Dhanjal at micha@ecozoom.co.ke.