Hesbon Nyangena, Technical Officer

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hesbon’s story…

A native of Kenya, Hesbon Momanyi Nyangena is a graduate of the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Science in 2011. His studies included a major in chemistry and minor in mathematics.

As a research technician at the University, Nyangena conducted lab and field testing of improved cookstoves. He supervised a field research team: collecting data, analysis and reporting results. This experience proved extremely valuable to EcoZoom, whose key product line consists of charcoal and wood driven improved cookstoves.

Nyangena joined EcoZoom in 2015 year, as the Operations Officer. His responsibilities included design, implementation and data collection of projects, market analysis, establishing distribution channels and development of testing protocols and product testing.

In 2017, he was named technical officer for the global social enterprise. In this role, he will lead product development and training, manage product testing and other related studies, ensure technical data on all Ecozoom products, establish and manage after sales revenue streams and product performance and warranty records among other tasks.

Nyangena is a member of the Kenya Scout Association and the Kenya Red Cross. His hobbies include volunteering, reading and nature walks.