Mary Vail, Global Consultant

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Mary’s story

Mary Vail is an award-wining philanthropist, photographer and publicist. Born and raised in the USA, Vail earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Hawaii, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, and a Certificate in Social Sector Leadership from Philanthropy University: Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. She is the author of “What’s Your Philanthropic Footprint.”

In April 2018, Vail was recruited by Bankers Without Borders (BwB), a Grameen Foundation initiative as an international volunteer to fill the role of Corporate Marketer and Storyteller for EcoZoom. In this role, Vail was responsible for working closely with the EcoZoom team to assist the organization to expand globally by creating and communicating a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s progress and impact to investors, end-users and the wider general public.

Following the completion of the 9-month BwB assignment, Vail’s positive experience and progress with the EcoZoom project has led to an extension of her volunteer services to ensure future growth for the company.