EcoZoom Global Announces Strategic Partnership with BioLite to Serve Kenya Market.

(Nairobi, Kenya) March 25, 2019 - Social enterprises EcoZoom and BioLite develop strategic partnership to serve the Kenya market. Both organizations are leaders in developing off-grid cooking and lighting solutions.

BioLite joins a valued list of EcoZoom international partners who service their global market in delivering high-performance, improved cookstoves that utilize wood, charcoal and biomass fuel source options. “As a social enterprise, these types of strategic partnerships assist us in maximizing our efforts and achieving our goal of reducing deforestation, decreasing CO2 outputs and diminishing respiratory diseases derived from unimproved cooking methods,” states Oli Raison, CEO of EcoZoom.

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EcoZoom Products Create Impact on Environmental, Health and Social Levels.

(Nairobi, Kenya) 2019 - EcoZoom releases the latest impact figures for their transformational products distributed in developing countries. Established in 2011, the social enterprise manufactures clean cookstoves and solar lighting options. The company believes that household products should be healthy, efficient and eco-friendly for everyone, regardless of socio-economic status.

A Certified B Corporation, EcoZoom works in collaboration with both the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA), formally known as the Global Alliance of Clean Cookstoves and the Clean Cookstove Association of Kenya (KCCAK), to reduce the environmental, health and social impact caused from rudimentary and dangerous cooking and lighting practices.

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EcoZoom Cooking Products Selected as Cookstove of Choice by Government Entities and Relief Organizations.

(Nairobi, Kenya) - EcoZoom cookstoves have been chosen by a variety of government entities and relief organizations to implement their pilot projects and goodwill programs aimed at promoting clean cooking. Since EcoZoom’s establishment in 2011, a myriad of organizations has selected the company’s cost-effective, human-centered, eco-friendly cookstoves to distribute among their end-users.

The Government of Mexico selected the EcoZoom Plancha (grill in Spanish) stove, named the La Mera Mera, to distribute to over 10,000 to households across the country in a pilot program.


EcoZoom Is Part of Global Social and Environmental Movement.

EcoZoom Products Deliver Immediate and Long-Term Positive Impact

(Nairobi, Kenya) - EcoZoom, a social enterprise and Certified B Corporation is part of a growing trend of social and eco-minded organizations with a focus on delivering impact driven products.  Founded in 2011, EcoZoom manufactures clean cookstoves and solar lights, both of which can create immediate as well as long-term benefits for users and the environment.

Recognized as a Certified B Corporation (B Corps) since 2011, EcoZoom is one of over 2,700 companies in 64 countries that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.  B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.


Compact 19 cm X 20 cm Solar Grid Delivers More Than Light!

EcoZoom Duo Light Solar Kit Features 2-detachable LED Bulbs

(Nairobi, Kenya) August 2019 - Smaller than the size of student’s composition book and weighing less than .45 kg (< 1 lb), EcoZoom’s 19 cm X 20 cm (7.48 inch X 7.87 inch) compact solar grid for the Duo Light kit delivers more than light. In addition to providing quality light, EcoZoom’s solar energy component delivers an array of other benefits for its users and the environment.

When electricity is neither available or too costly, populations globally resort to dangerous alternatives to achieve their lighting needs. Some utilise kerosene lamps or indoor fireplaces, both of which give off dangerous by-products including harmful emissions that cause heart and lung diseases resulting in premature deaths, as well as harsh lighting that can damage eyesight. Kerosene lamps and indoor fireplaces also contribute to negative effects on the environment and climate change.

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