EcoZoom’s transformational impact can be measured in three distinct sectors:

ecosystems, ecological & economic


Improved Health

In developing countries all over the world, EcoZoom products are helping to improve habitats by reducing the harmful byproducts of open fires and kerosene lamps. This results in a reduction of health issues for the entire family, for generations.


Reduced deforestation

Open fires and inefficient cookstoves contribute significantly to deforestation. Our clean cookstoves use less fuel, each stove saves an estimated 40 trees over a period of 5 years.


Reduced CO2

EcoZoom products reduce CO2 output by 60%, minimizing the effect of harmful emissions on climate change.


Improving livelihoods

Our cookstoves use less than half the fuel of an open fire or inefficient stove, reducing fuel costs by 70%.

And, our solar products completely eliminate the high costs associated with kerosene based lighting.

Our Impact to date:

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Our Partners

We partner with like minded organizations that are striving to make an environmental impact while improving people’s livelihoods.


Together we are impacting the world

Your purchase helps to support our MISSION, to deliver solutions that empower humanity and preserve the environment.

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