Initially designed to combat the numerous challenges, hazards and costs associated with domestic cooking and household energy in developing countries, EcoZoom’s products have become popular components with environmentally conscious consumers across the globe.

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EcoZoom has a wide range of award winning, eco-friendly cookstoves to meet the outdoor consumer’s needs. The compact, portable design makes them ideal for camping, weekend picnics, tailgating, off-grid adventures and emergency preparedness kits.

Fueled by wood, charcoal or biomass, these units eliminate the need to carry gas or other fossil fuels.

The high-efficient properties of EcoZoom cookstoves reduces fuel consumption by 70% and toxic fumes by 60%, making them an extremely valuable cooking alternative for domestic use in developing countries.

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Solar Products

Our range of portable solar powered lighting solutions have been specifically designed for users without access to electricity, for emergency situations and for those who enjoy outdoor activities. More than just a light, the solar units can provide energy to charge electronic devices. Additionally, some styles are designed with FM radios.

These features are extremely valuable for users in developing countries, completely eliminating the need for costly and hazardous kerosene lamps.



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