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Project location: Somalia

Implementing partner: International Committee of the Red Cross

EcoZoom was requested by the ICRC to supply 8,000 charcoal stoves for IDPs and host communities in 2016. After successful implementation, the ICRC ordered 7,000 more charcoal stoves for the same purpose.

With our energy efficient charcoal stoves, the ICRC was able to impact the lives of 15,000 families, improving their health and financial situation as well as reducing competition between IDPs and their host communities for scarce resources.

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Project location: Kakuma, Kenya

Implementing partner: World Food Programme

EcoZoom and the WFP supplied 2,000 Dura wood burning stoves to families in the Kakuma refugee camp. After training the implementation partner in the camp and carrying out product testing, the products were successfully distributed in the camp.

This project improved the lives of 2,000 refugee families, helping them save the time they would normally spend collecting firewood, which is a dangerous daily activity for women and girls who suffer gender based violence.

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Project location: Rwanda

Implementing partner: Del Agua Health

EcoZoom partnered with Del Agua aiming to distribute 600,000 wood burning cookstoves to the poorest 30% of Rwandan households by 2016. 400,000 cookstoves were manufactured, with each product passing rigorous third party inspections at the point of manufacture and delivery to Del Agua.

For more information on the great work they do, please visit Del Agua’s website at www.delagua.org.

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Project Location: Nigeria

Implementing partner: SOSAI

Together with SOSAI, EcoZoom supplied over 22,000 wood burning stoves which were to be distributed to inhabitants of Kano Estate in Nigeria.

These stoves were partially assembled during manufacture, with the rest completed by SOSAI staff in country. EcoZoom assisted with assembly training, user instruction as well as maintenance and repair.

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Project location: Somalia

Implementing partner: Relief International

EcoZoom partnered with Relief International to provide 20,000 cookstoves to IDP inhabitants of Galkayo and Mogadishu refugee camps, to reduce risk of gender based violence towards women and girls when gathering firewood.


Project location: Papua New Guinea

Implementing partner: Care International

EcoZoom partnered with Care International to provide fuel efficient wood stoves and technical assistance to a group of people residing in Papua New Guinea, who cooked with firewood regularly. To date, we have distributed over 2,000 cookstoves in the country and are hoping to expand to other Care locations in East Africa.

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Project location: Mexico

Implementing partner: SEDESOL

EcoZoom worked with 7 provincial governments within Mexico to distribute over 21,000 double burner Zoom Plancha stoves to households living in the mountainous regions of Mexico. This project was supported by SEDESOL, Mexico’s social welfare government organization.

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Project location: South Africa

Implementing partner: Restio Energy

The need for improved cookstoves in South Africa is less extreme than most other African countries. Over 83% of the population has access the modern fuels for cooking (like electricity or gas), and those relying on solid fuels for cooking (32%), have access to an improved cookstove. However, toxic smoke from open fires or unimproved stoves still kills almost 6,500 people a year. The efforts of Restio Energy and other organizations in the sector aim to completely eradicate this problem.

To date, more than 32,000 lives have been impacted from the purchase of our EcoZoom stoves, saving customers more than 4 million hours of gathering fuel while reducing the number of trees harvested for fuel by approximately 52,000.

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Project location: Haiti

Implementing partner: Kore Timoun

The majority of Haitians in urban and rural areas rely on wood and charcoal for their cooking needs. However, according to the United Nations Development Program, only 12% of the population has access to an improved cookstove. Respiratory diseases associated with toxic cooking smoke from unimproved stoves and open fires kills approximately 7,000 people each year.

This project was a partnership between a national civic organization, a social enterprise and a local nonprofit. Rotary International purchased the stoves, EcoZoom provided them at a price below cost through its Z+ Program, and CNP used their local network to distribute them. This is a good example of how cross sector collaboration can provide immediate relief to people.

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