Distributor Opportunities

Entrepreneurs, businesses and online retailers understand the importance of providing high-quality, durable goods to their consumers. That is why our distributors have selected our cookstoves and solar lighting units as part of their product offerings. They agree that EcoZoom’s eco-friendly and socially conscious products are superior in design and function.

EcoZoom offers “exclusive” distribution rights to our partners. Having an exclusive distributorship means that your territory is protected- eliminating competition from fellow EcoZoom partners.

Become a part of the growing global market trend of eco-friendly, socially conscious products.

Exclusive distributorships are currently available in the following countries: Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malawi and Zimbabwe, among others.

Are you looking to add to your product line? For more information about distributorship opportunities, contact our Global Sales Manager Micha Dhanjal at micha@ecozoomglobal.com .


Distributor Case Studies

Our Distributors have found great success promoting our products to their target markets. Here are some of their success stories.


Eartheasy, North America

EcoZoom began working with online retailer Eartheasy in October 2015 to distribute eco-friendly stoves across North America.

The eco-friendly properties of the EcoZoom cookstoves; requiring less fuel and producing less toxic smoke than traditional cookstoves, means our consumers will be cooking healthier for their families and the environment. EcoZoom cookstoves are a great addition to our portfolio of sustainable living goods.” Aran Seaman, Eartheasy COO.



In 2013, VITALITE was founded to increase rural electrification and combat the poverty tax affecting low-income, energy-poor households across Zambia. Their mission is to make quality products and services accessible and affordable to all Zambian households. EcoZoom began working with the social enterprise in 2016 to distribute fuel efficient stoves in Zambia.

EcoZoom stoves are fantastic complementary products to our solar lights due to their financial, health and environmental benefits. Our partnership has saved close to 8,000 households USD 240,000 cumulatively. We have improved the lives of our customers and we have increased our revenue streams! We look forward to continuing our partnership with EcoZoom.” Dr. John Fay, VITALITE CEO.


EcoZoom UK, United Kingdom

EcoZoom UK is the exclusive distributor servicing markets across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In 2014, outdoor cooking enthusiast Stewart MacLachlan experienced the cooking power of an EcoZoom stove first hand. He was so delighted with the performance that he decided to introduce the units to the UK market.

EcoZoom provides simply the best range of efficient wood and charcoal rocket cook stoves in the marketplace. The stoves have excellent ecological credentials and most importantly are designed to operate very easily. The perfect fire with as much cooking power as you need. Built to last, it’s remains an absolute pleasure to retail EcoZoom’s expert designed, well-made stoves.” Stewart MacLachlan, EcoZoom UK Director.


Fukuplanning, Japan.

Fukuplanning is the official distributor of EcoZoom products in Japan. The devastation from the March 2011 earthquake and resulting tsunamis and nuclear power plant disaster caused widespread destruction across the entire country, forcing over 150,000 people to flee their homes. Many areas were left without running water, gas and electricity.

Hiroyuki Kanae was concerned about his fellow countrymen and concluded that emergency preparedness products like the EcoZoom rocket stoves were essential to have on hand in case of disaster. In 2015, Fukuplanning became our distributor in Japan and has since sold over 2,000 units. Read more about our Japanese distributor at the link below.


Impact Investment Opportunities

Impact Investment, investment made with the intent to generate financial return while making a positive and measurable social and/or environmental impact, has become a growing component of business and financial portfolios.

Since its establishment in 2011, EcoZoom has quickly risen to become one of the most respected impact driven companies delivering transformational and environmentally conscious products across the globe, now in more than 23 countries. As an award winning social enterprise, we are recognized for our quality design elements, and our social and environmental impact.

To learn more about the value and benefits of impact investing with EcoZoom, contact our CEO Oli Raison at oli@ecozoomglobal.com.


Impact Opportunities

At EcoZoom we are always interested in working with organizations and individuals who share our passion for social and environmental impact. Contact us to learn how we can collaborate to achieve these goals.